NOTE: We are advising to prefer Free Registration to join by submitting valid typing accuracy certificate. If you have accuracy certificate from Indian Institute, Don’t pay 550 Security deposit.

NOTE: New works will be provided from 14th May. New works will not be provided between 10th May to 13th May due to scheduled maintenance.

NOTE: We have stopped New registrations at this time. Registrations will be re-started from 1st May. We are providing works to already registered typists.

Note: Due to scheduled maintenance, Direct registration is not available between 1st June to 10th June. Direct registrations will be re-started from 10th June.

(Security deposit is refundable with payment of first work if accuracy is greater than 80%. We are taking security deposit as assurance that, typist will work with minimum 80% accuracy. Assurance is mandatory because typist don’t have valid typing accuracy certificate from Indian Institute.)

Before Filling Application form, you have to submit Security Deposit by UPI Application.

(Update: We are planning to increase security deposit from 550 Rs to 1650 Rs in few days to reduce new registrations, but it will not impact registered people.)

Deposit Security Amount using any one Option:

Option 1:

Scan QR Code in PhonePe App and Pay 550 Rs Security Deposit.

Option x:

Bank : RBL Bank

Account number: 2223330055305911


(In IFSC Code, Fifth character is Zero)

Account Holder Name: Hire in Global

Steps for Option 2 :

  1.  Open PhonePe Application.
  2. Click on To Bank/UPI ID in PhonePe application.
  3. Click on Plus Symbol to Add Receipient Bank Account in PhonePe.
  4. Enter our Account number and IFSC given above and pay 550 Rs.
  5. Fill Application form below using UTR. (You will receive UTR after payment)
  6. First work and all instructions will be provided within 24 working hours of verification of application form.

Option 2:

Click below button and Pay 550 Rs Security Deposit if you want to submit through PayUMoney.

Option 2:

Click below button from Mobile and select PhonePe or GPay app and Pay 550 Rs Security Deposit.

After submitting Security Deposit, fill Application Form Given Below.
First Work and all instructions will be provided within 24 working hours of Application Form Submission.

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